* They can and they do. We aren’t talking only about guys who work in front of the camera… actors, broadcasters, sports commentators. We know that these guys must have men’s grooming makeup to look polished for the camera. A modest amount of concealer, powder, and bronzer in addition to just canceling out the shine is a must. Some carry their own men’s makeup products so they can be ready to go on at a moment’s notice.

Then why can’t regular guys use a little extra help like we ladies do? More regular guys wear men’s makeup than most would want to admit, but we have come a long way, baby. It’s really ok.

Guys are realizing the dramatic difference it makes when they can blend out sunspots on their face that otherwise make them look older.  They love discovering that they can conceal (undetected) under eye bags that help take away that tired, draggy look.

When and Where…

We girls love it when our skin is luminous and our eyes look bright and alive. I think guys want to look good too. What about men who are going through the job interview process? They want the edge up and don’t want to get passed over for a younger guy just because he has a youthful appearance. Here in Santa Clarita, CA, I’ve been asked to use my grooming skills on local men going in for big job interviews or important photo shoots. Many attorneys, CEO’s and Real Estate males have benefitted from camera grooming.  I was brought in to prep a “macho” type guy when he was filming a local commercial for his real estate business. He knew how important it was for him to come across vital and healthy. His co-host was a young, gorgeous, on camera professional. He was the image of the company. The viewer’s eyes needed to go to him, not the beautiful girl. This is where skilled men’s grooming comes in handy. He was the star because he was professionally groomed.

One of our local community leaders joked that “I have a face for radio” and realized that he must transform his look when his popular show went to video. All we did was make him look like he had some sleep and spent some time in the sun. We weren’t trying to make him look like Brad Pitt, just a better looking version of himself. We did that.

A favorite gig I get to do (I love my job!) is to prepare CEO’s when they are about to go on stage to address an audience of thousands. This five-minute process gives that business leader an edge of confidence, knowing that his face is projected on huge screens that are magnifying every feature, however, he has no worries… he is looking healthy, fit and rested.

OK guys, now you know their secrets. This is a very visual time in our lives. The next time that you have a big event: wedding, speaking gig or interview,  you know you are not alone… be ready for your close-up.