Beauty Power at 50 and Beyond. Let me be clear. I’m not talking about a woman trying to push the envelope past what is appropriate at her age. I’m not talking about being a “Daisy Dukes and Ugg Boots” lady (see my book, It’s Not Over Yet! Reclaiming your REAL Beauty Power in your 40s, 50s, and Beyond”). I’m talking about owning the fact that we are still beautiful at a certain age. Rocking it in a new and fresh way, at this point, our second half of life.

Take my client Elsie for instance. This woman is the busiest person on the planet, in a high level medical career. Like many of us, she is a mom of young adults, with long work days.  It could be easier for her to be “Baseball Cap and Sweatpants Lady”,  just throw in the towel on her Beauty Power. However, last night Elsie was on the tennis court while I was out having cocktails and dinner with a friend. Tonight she was in my salon as I added lighter blonde highlights to the deep golden blonde hair that we have established as her new base color. Her teenage daughter was having a facial. (Mom and daughter time!) Elsie is setting the bar up while staying appropriate as a woman of  the BA (bad ass) 50’s, mentioned in my previous blog. Her blue, charcoal rimmed eyes sparkled when she saw her fresh look. I can bet Elsie will pay it forward and inspire another lady to rock it too.

Thank you Elsie for being an example for the Beauty Power movement.

Do you know a woman post 40 that is a great example of Beauty Power? If so, please drop me a note…

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